Article by our assistant pharmacist Emi Morey published in Islander.

Given the current situation we have seen an increase in tobacco consumption, many people smoke when they feel stressed. The changes that have taken place in society, added to the existing problems, have increased stress and therefore the consumption of tobacco.

It is well known that tobacco is harmful at all levels, but to refresh you, according to the WHO it kills more than 8 million people a year, of which more than 7 million are direct consumers and about 1.2 million are non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke. In addition, people infected with Covid-19 and smokers, are at greater risk of serious disease and even death.

According to the WHO, the annual health cost due to tobacco consumption is $1.4 trillion, between direct and indirect costs. Producing terrible damage at the health, sociological and ecological levels.

The ecological damage is of particular concern to us as we find high levels of waste and toxic fumes from cigarette butts in our seas.

Cigarettes may seem harmless due to their size, however, about 10 billion cigarettes are discarded into the environment every day, many of them ending up in the sea; hence the great environmental impact.

Cigarette butts account for 30-40% of the waste collected in urban and coastal cleaning activities. According to the Ocean Conservancy, throwing away a cigarette butt can pollute up to 50 litres of drinking water, as the filter preserves most of the nicotine and tar in the cigarette.

Therefore the importance of quitting smoking on a global level in addition to individual damage. It is seen that most smokers need help to quit smoking, without professional support only 4% of attempts work.

Professional support, either from health professionals like us in the pharmacy or from a coach to help you improve your quality of life without tobacco, together with proven medication, make it easier for you to succeed in quitting.

At Farmacia Progrés we encourage you to stop smoking, there is always a good reason to do so, whether it is for our health or that of the planet.Let us help you with our specific Smoking Cessation service.

Emi Morey Cerdá

Pharmaceutical. Nutritionist