Organisation & Fine-Tunning

We get your first-aid kit ready before the season starts or before all kinds of journeys:

- We deal with medicines/medical supplies which are past their use-by date or which are in bad condition. See our Expired  products management service.

- We restock the contents, expired products and medical supplies in bad condition are replaced with new ones. If required, we can also extend your kit by adding more useful products according to your needs and preferences. This way your kit will become even more reliable and fully- provisioned.

- We organise your first-aid kit using a system of colours. The contents will be organised relying on our clear schema.

We make an inventory which is based on our colour organisation schema situated on the inner side of the box. The order of medicines and medical supplies in different pouches follows the schema, hence it is very easy and practical to find and use by crew members.

As a result, we provide you with a first-aid kit that is hand-crafted and has the highest quality. It has been inspected, organised and restocked by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We make sure that the kit is easy to use by all crew members in case of emergency.