First-aid kit Type C (10 miles)

Standard and VIP

MEDICINES (10 miles)


Adrenaline *

1mg preloaded syringe of 1ml

Emergency heart drugs

Nitrogliceryn* (antianginoso)

0,8mg 30 pills (1 packet)

Digestive system medicines

Algeldrato + magnesium hydroxide*

600/300mg respectivelymente/comp. 40 pills


Meloclopramide *

10mg, 30 pills (1packet)

Loperamide *

2mg, 20 capsules(1packet)

Oral analgesics

Paracetamol *

1g, 40 tablets

Metamizol *

575mg, 10 capsules

Topical antiinflamatory

Diclofenac sodium *

1% topical gel of 60g


Dimenhydrinate *

50mg, 12 pills

Wound cleaning fluid


10 doses, 5ml

70 degree Alcohol

50ml solution

Chlorhexidine topical solution *

25ml bottle

Steroid skin cream

Cotricoide *

30g gel (tube)


Hemostatic dressings

Hemostatic gel *

200 x 70x0,5mm (1 sponge)

Airway adjuncts

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation Guedel tube

Nº 3 and 4

Bands, dressings and bandages

Elastic bands

7cm x 4 m (2 unidades)

Sterile gauze pads 20x20

25-unit box

Hypoallergenic bandage

5cm x 10m

Sterile, adhesive dressing 8cm x 10cm

5-unit box

Adhesive, plastic dressing strip

1m x 6cm roll

Impregnated gauze *

7cm x 9cm, 20-sachet box

Adhesive stitches

6 x 102mm 1 packet

Scissors, gloves and froceps

Sharp, straight scissors

1 unit

Straight dissection forceps

1 unit

Vinyl gloves

Nº 8-9 4 pairs


Malleable aluminium finger splint

2x50cm (1 unit)


Triangular sling or band

1 unit

Hand hygiene

Antiseptic solution form hand-hygiene

1 bottle 50ml