On board service

The aim of our ON BOARD service is to save time of captains and/or other crew members. Our experienced team of pharmaceutical professionals will fine-tune your first-aid kit and get it ready for use.

What is included in the service?

1.- 1-We personally get on board of your vessel..

2.- 2-We check your first-aid kit..

3.- We take the kit into our pharmacy where we do the following::

- We bring it up to date.

- We restock the contents, expired products and medical supplies in bad condition are replaced with new ones. If required, we can also extend your kit by adding more useful products according to your needs and preferences. This way your kit will become even more complete and reliable.

- The organisation of the kit is based on colour pattern with compartmentalised pouches. There is an outline of contents on the inner side of the box.

- We recycle the medicines and medial supplies; we have the official Sigre recycling container at the pharmacy. This way we dispose of expired products and items in bad condition or we give them away to organisations that do courses of first-aid for sailors. .

4.-Once the kit is ready, we bring it back on board with a user guide in English or/and in Spanish.

As a result, we provide you with a first-aid kit that is hand-crafted and has the highest quality. It has been inspected, organised and restocked by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We ensure that the kit is easy to use for all crew members in case of emergency.