Medical guide

The main idea which lead to printing this Guide was so it could be used for medical consultations at a distance. In addition, it should allow the use of the first aid kit in case of emergency or when, due to technical reasons, it is not possible to communicate with the Medical Radio Centre.

It should also serve as a reminder and, in many cases, as a first source of information, of the preventive measures to be adopted in ships in order to keep healthy and, if the case should arrive, know what to do when faced with a death on board.

By publishing this Guide on the Internet, in a Spanish and English version, we want to contribute to the diffusion of this Guide's contents, given the great quality achieved in its elaboration and the enormous benefit it provides, even for those who have no type of medical knowledge whatsoever. We hope it will serve mainly as a consultation tool, but we should not forget its eminently practical character, thanks to the simple language and the explanatory illustrations employed.

The work is divided into four thematic blocks:

- Actions in a life-threatening situation
- Medical consultation via radio
- First aid on board
- Prevention, hygiene and death at sea

On Board Health Guide on Internet (WEB)

Guia Sanitaria a Bordo