This kit is valid for vessels with hired crew of more than 15 members that navigate or fish in zones from 12 to 150 nautical miles from the nearest port. The port has to be properly equipped according to health and safety requirements.

In section 2 of annex 1 of Real Decreto 258/1999 dated 12th February you will find kit regulations

for vessels in relation to their activities.

Stipulation: Vessels with hired crew from 10 to 15 members which navigate or/and fish within zones from 12 to 150 nautical miles must have on board type B first-aid kit as stipulated in Order PRE/2315/2015 dated November 3rd. It establishes basic requirements concerning health and medical care for maritime workers. This document modifies the contents previously specified in the Real Decreto 258/1999 dated February 12th.