Joint Health

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We have been thinking about our new article´s topic and it occurred to us that you might be interested in learning more about articular cartilage damage. Articulations withstand a lot of wear and tear during our lives and therefore we need to look after them, especially in case of sailors who have to deal with constant boat movements and their joints bear extra load in order to cushion the impact.


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Luckily nowadays pharmacies offer a wide range of products to protect your skin. There is no one better to advise you what your particular type of skin needs than your pharmacist. Bear in mind that we all have individual needs depending on the type of skin we have. Sunburns happen when we don´t protect ourselves properly, in other words, we don´t follow the procedure pointed out by our pharmacist or we use mismatched products. If you got sunburnt

Skin Care

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Basic routines recommended by the pharmacy for good skin care in summer

How to protect ourselves from the sun

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How to protect ourselves from the sun
Dizziness or motion sickness is a conflict between our senses: the innear ear perceives movement and the sight does not. No one gets away with dizziness. Even the most intrepid and experienced sailors can get dizzy. It appears the first hours and days of sailing and then our body gets used to it. But the good news is that there are some tricks to prevent it.
Jellyfish are marine animals, also called sea tears. They live in the open sea, they are gelatinous and they look like bells. They seem harmless, but watch out, they have tentackles and they sting when they try to defend themselves. So beware of them as they can stick to the skin and leave a mark for the whole summer.
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