7 Healthy tips for sailors

Aug 01, 2018 |    0    Health
Average weather in Majorca in the summer is hot and humid with high solar intensity which is longed for by holidaymakers. As it is typical of this season, days are longer and our daily routines change. Summer time is wonderful and to make the most of it in a healthy way we should synchronize our daily rhythm with natural day phases, follow a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and drink plenty of water.
Vitamin D is essential for our body. First of all, it protects our skeletal integrity and it is related to the immune system and finally it is linked to respiratory system health.
Las cuestiones de seguridad a bordo son fundamentales y uno de los elementos imprescindibles es el botiquín, que se debe revisar periódicamente, sobre todo ahora, que llega el buen tiempo y muchos navegantes sacan su barco tras la temporada invernal.
As superyachts begin to travel further offshore to more remote regions, and with guests engaging in increasingly adventurous activities, the chances of encountering a serious medical emergency on board are higher than ever.

Our hermetic box

Feb 12, 2018 |    0    Health
As experts in medicines, we know how important the first aid kit contents are. Medicines and medical supplies have to be stored in appropriate conditions at determined temperature, and optimal light and humidity levels.
Each person needs their time and we really have the patience to assist you throughout the process. Perhaps you have already tried but failed, it is important you know that relapses are a part of the process. Tobacco is very addictive and a part of our work is to analyse your past relapses, prevent future ones and show you that you can actually learn from them.

Can I have diabetes and not know it?

Dec 04, 2017 |    0    Tips
Diabetes type 2 is much more common since it represents 98% of diabetes cases. It is curable and can be prevented. However, 48% of cases are yet to be diagnosed so be aware of the problem especially now when Christmas time is just around the corner.

We measure your cholesterol level

Nov 06, 2017 |    0    Tips
At Progrés we put our hearts into looking after you and that is why we keep on talking about healthy lifestyle and illnesses prevention. Our service includes biological parameters determination and one of the most requested assessments is the cholesterol level. This is nothing surprising taking under consideration that high cholesterol level is one of the 24 factors that endanger our health and put our life at risk.
As pharmacists we feel responsible for making people aware of cardiovascular disease risks because it is the leading cause of death worldwide. As a result, we have recently developed a service of cardiovascular risk detection. We also sell a variety of products that help you prevent this condition and stay healthy for longer.
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