URGO SOS CORTES is a self adhesive tape which stops bleeding through compression. It works quickly and efficiently and therefore is ideal for nautical kits and emergency situations that sailing might entail.
When a burn occurs, seconds count. Water-Jel dressings are effective, versatile and approved for emergency first aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting.
Nuestros mejores deseos en esta Navidad: Salud, amor y paz.
Maria José Miquel tells us about O2 Pack Oxygen Generator so useful in case of emergency
We are renowned for our marine first aid kits. We can provide sailors with all the PRODUCTS they need.
Lara Benito tells us how to get an easy-to-use nautical kit

7 Healthy tips for sailors

Aug 01, 2018 |    0    Health
Average weather in Majorca in the summer is hot and humid with high solar intensity which is longed for by holidaymakers. As it is typical of this season, days are longer and our daily routines change. Summer time is wonderful and to make the most of it in a healthy way we should synchronize our daily rhythm with natural day phases, follow a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and drink plenty of water.
Vitamin D is essential for our body. First of all, it protects our skeletal integrity and it is related to the immune system and finally it is linked to respiratory system health.
Las cuestiones de seguridad a bordo son fundamentales y uno de los elementos imprescindibles es el botiquín, que se debe revisar periódicamente, sobre todo ahora, que llega el buen tiempo y muchos navegantes sacan su barco tras la temporada invernal.
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