Protect your skin

Protect your skin

In this video by Thomas Leveritt we can observe what people see on their skin when they are exposed to ultraviolet light and how they discover pigmentation spots. These problems are not visible to the naked eye but they actually really affect our skin.

The main purpose of this video is to make people aware of how important the use of sunblock is. Discoloured skin patches are not visible until they become darker and affect deeper layers of the skin. This is when they are clearly visible. They prove that our skin´s ability to protect itself was not enough and that collagen fibres are becoming damaged.

Our conclusion is: PROTECT YOUR SKIN!! UV radiation form the sun gives us suntan but it also causes erythema, skin aging, and melanoma among other dangerous illness. We all should be aware of how dangerous sun radiation is. We can still enjoy the sun is as long as we protect ourselves appropriately; use your sunscreen, it will give you protection against UVA, UVB and visible light. Apply it every 2 hours and after each swim. Bare in mind that there is no 100% effective protection, hence we recommend sunbathing in shade, using beach umbrella and avoiding the hours when the sun radiation is the most intense.

This video shows that sun patches develop much earlier than we think. In the first 18 years of our lives we receive 50% of the total amount of sun radiation our bodies will get throughout their lives. Therefore, the use of sunscreen before the age of 18 reduces the risk of melanoma by 80%. This happens because children receive three times more UV radiation. The sun patches are directly related to the loss of skin elasticity and skin of low phototype, i.e fair skin with freckles, ages much more quickly.