It is well known that tobacco is harmful at all levels, but people infected with Covid-19 and smokers, are at greater risk of serious disease and even death.
There are three basic pillars when faced with a health problem at sea: radio-medical consultation, health training for the crew and the condition and equipment of the first-aid kit. This is where we come in.


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The fantastic summer, the same one we've been waiting for all winter and all spring, the same one that brings us so much desire to live it, but as we don't take care of ourselves, it can cause us problems.

The importance of good nutrition

jul 30, 2020 |    0    Health
Nutrition is health, because by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet you will achieve a healthier and more enjoyable life.
The crew members were unaware of the use of the kit and its contents and we set out to make their work easier
Something as simple as enjoying the sea brings a great deal of health benefits, both physical and mental, that we are often unaware of.
At Farmacia Progrés we are aware that it is not only necessary to carry a first aid kit on board, since knowing how to act in emergency situations is vital, and even more so if we are far from a medical centre.

This summer, oral photoprotection

may 26, 2020 |    0    Health
Oral photoprotection complements topical photoprotection, as it reaches the areas of most difficult access and also when we use less than the necessary amount, by not renewing the application of the sun every two hours.
From the pharmacy we again make a summary of the best known weapon against the virus: prevention. We emphasize that the contagion in 48% of the cases is produced in asymptomatology.
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