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Our pharmacy is located in Sta Catalina neighbourhood which is an old fishing village and this inspired us to specialise in nautical sector.

Our hallmark are customised marine first-aid kits perpared with care by our experienced team. The kits comply with all the legal requirements and we adjust them to particular needs of all sailors. We tailor-make your kits and get them ready for any inspection or trip. We deal with expired products, reorganise and stock the contents. What is more, we offer an exclusive service and provide you with an onboard invennory list of medicines and medical materials.

We are renowned for our hermetic and waterproof kit boxes and for our fast and efficient service.

Our priority is to make your kit easy to use given its great relevance to your safety.


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Farmàcia Progrés Consejos para la seguridad infantil a bordo 14 June 2019

Consejos para la seguridad infantil a bordo

En Farmacia Progres nos preocupa la seguridad a bordo y más cuando hay niños a bordo, por eso hoy les queremos traer a nuestro blog una Guia llamada "Un día en el Mar" que Salvamento Marítimo ha elaborado para ofrecer de una manera muy visual consejos de seguridad para los más pequeños de la casa.

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Farmàcia Progrés Which supplements are useful on-board?   29 April 2019

Which supplements are useful on-board?

La Gaceta Náutica has issued a special copy for Palma International Boat Show. One of the articles by Lara Benito, Associate Pharmacist at Progrés Pharmacy, discusses supplements that may come in useful while on-board.

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Farmàcia Progrés Medical kit to go around the world 23 April 2019

Medical kit to go around the world

In order to create this unique kit we have gone on board and we have spoken to the crew. We have learnt about the nature of their work and thanks to this information we are able to design a fully-provisioned kit which is ideal even for voyages around the world.

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Farmàcia Progrés Recomendaciones para Navegar Protegido del Sol 23 April 2019

Recomendaciones para Navegar Protegido del Sol

Protege correctamente tu piel durante todo el verano. Cuando se trabaja en el mar no siempre es posible aplicarse la protección correctamente y la exposición solar es elevada. Este suplemento oral te asegura una protección completa.

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