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Our pharmacy is located in Sta Catalina neighbourhood which is an old fishing village and this inspired us to specialise in nautical sector.

Our hallmark are customised marine first-aid kits perpared with care by our experienced team. The kits comply with all the legal requirements and we adjust them to particular needs of all sailors. We tailor-make your kits and get them ready for any inspection or trip. We deal with expired products, reorganise and stock the contents. What is more, we offer an exclusive service and provide you with an onboard invennory list of medicines and medical materials.

We are renowned for our hermetic and waterproof kit boxes and for our fast and efficient service.

Our priority is to make your kit easy to use given its great relevance to your safety.


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Farmàcia Progrés ¿cómo está tu piel después del verano? 21 November 2019

¿cómo está tu piel después del verano?

Animamos a nuestros navegantes a que pasen a descubrir cómo tienen la piel. El resultado de los diferentes parámetros (hidratación, grasa, densidad... ) nos va ayudar a definir un nuevo protocolo y a mejorar estos nuevos problemas dermatológicos. En tan solo 5 minutos lo sabrás y es completamente gratuito.

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Farmàcia Progrés Alerta importante de la Agencia Española del Medicamento 8 August 2019

Alerta importante de la Agencia Española del Medicamento

Ojo porque existen diversos sitios web y aplicaciones móviles que median la compraventa sin cumplir la legislación poniendo en peligro la seguridad de los pacientes (los medicamentos vienen acompañados de información incorrecta y los medicamentos no cumplen las garantías exigidas).

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Farmàcia Progrés The usefullness of having an anti-chocking device within reach 8 August 2019

The usefullness of having an anti-chocking device within reach

The obstruction of respiratory tract by a foreign body, in other words choking, is one of the main causes of accidental deaths. In fact, it is the 3rd cause of unnatural death in Spain, preceding even car accidents.

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Farmàcia Progrés Devices that might save lives 29 July 2019

Devices that might save lives

La Gaceta Náutica publishes in its special issue for La Copa del Rey de Vela, our article in which Lara Benito, Pharmacist of Progrés Pharmacy tells us which devices are useful to save a life on board.

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